Services include: Prototyping provides the end customer with a totally finished part using soft tooling, a cost effective and efficient way to capture dimensional integrity during the design phase in advance of providing finished hard tooling. It also allows the customer the ability to buy a limited number of parts until the final tooling is completed and the approximate volumes are calculated.


Progressive Dies provide the end customer with intricate stampings and will control total scrap in manufacturing. The cost savings are generated by manufacturing the part in one press saving the customer labor and handling costs created by using multiple dies and presses to complete one part. Our capabilities range from short run fabricated parts provided by computer controlled lasers to long run stampings and assemblies.

Industries Served

Our background includes experience in the automotive, aerospace, hardware and other transportation industries but our flexibility allows us to adapt to a variety of industries. Our material knowledge will allow you to save valuable purchasing dollars by giving you a menu of different metal substrates that create long term cost savings for your company. We have experience with carbon steels, aluminum and stainless, copper, brass and pre-painted metals of all types.

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