Truck Trailer Parts

Truck Trailer Parts:

We provide truck trailer manufacturers with a complete line of long sill's, crossmembers, logistics tracks, Z posts and roof bows plus a number of other allied type products for the transportation industries.

The parts shown below, manufactured by Millenia Metals, are used in the manufacturing of Truck Trailer Chassis'. These parts are available in all lengths.

millenia-metals-j-channel millenia-metals-cross-member millenia-metals-long-sill
Truck Trailer Chassis J Channel Truck Trailer Chassis Crossmember Truck Trailer Chassis Long Sill


Used for securing heavy loads in any Trailer, the Logistics Tracks shown below can be mounted on the wall or floor, and are available in any length and can be painted any color to match your needs.

millenia-metals-vertical-a-logistics-track millenia-metals-vertical-a-logistics-track
Heavy Gauge Logistic Vertical A Track Heavy Gauge Logistic A Track Heavy Gauge Logistic E Track